The Conservator of the Peace program in Virginia has undergone numerous changes throughout the years to keep pace with a ever changing law enforcement & security services environment. Conservators of the Peace in Virginia are employed in both the government and private sector. This group of people fill a crucial gap in providing a mix of law enforcement and security services around the Commonwealth of Virginia. Its origin in Virginia law dates all the way back to 1860, making it a important part of Virginia’s history. In recent years however there has been a string of politically motivated individuals who have aimed to severely “gut” and limit the conservator of the peace program. Fortunately, The program has continued to persevere through any and all adversity. Being a member of VPOA will ensure you are kept up to date on changes within the program that may or may not effect your line of work. It will also provide a crucial and united voice to speak out against or for any future changes within the program.