The Virginia Peace Officers Association, Inc. is a Virginia based professional membership organization that provides a voice and representation for it’s members. Membership consists of both public and private sector employees who are employed as or appointed as ‘conservators of the peace.’ We hope that you find this website and content informative and educational as to what role and function ‘conservators of the peace’ play in the criminal justice system in the Commonwealth of Virginia. If you are interested in becoming a member please see our ‘Membership’ page for further details.

Our Vision

To enhance the ‘conservator of the peace’ program in the Commonwealth of Virginia by providing educational and training opportunities, along with networking capability for its members to further enhance their career in the criminal justice employment field.

Our Mission

The ‘conservator of the peace’ program has undergone several changes throughout the years to keep pace with an ever changing society. Its role in the criminal justice system is crucial, and provides a significant service to communities, and people all across Virginia. As a professional membership organization our core mission is to educate and enhance this program at every level to include honest and factual dialogue with elected representatives in Richmond, and when necessary defeat politically motivated attacks on the program.